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Judith Lukas

I have lived with Professor Clark’s artwork since I was a child.  My grandfather’s trunk in the basement was opened when my grandmother, Princess Beatrice, died and I was given its contents to play with.  Fortunately, I had a deep respect for the items. 


I carried the idea of the book in my head for decades and while I knew the life story of my grandparents, I didn’t have a great enough understanding of the art work and its significance in history.  Then, I met Nick and we put this book together.  Professor Clark was a gentleman tattoo artist and spent most of his career in South Africa and it was important to me that his work come to light.

I am a collector of antique teapots. 

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Nicholas York

My name is Nicholas York.  I’m a tattoo artist based in Denton, Texas and have been tattooing for 10 years!  I have a heavy passion for the early history of professional tattooing and dedicate as much free time as I can to studying the tattoo artists that helped build this industry.


My tattoo style is American Traditional with a heavy emphasis on antique tones and exclusively executing designs as they would have been done in the past.  I keep my tattoo work as historically accurate as possible.


I am an avid anime enjoyer and I have a massive Pokémon card collection.

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